Sepideh in balance
The wine world has not only intrigued Sepideh ever since she was young, it also brings a balance to her dishes and life.
In 2015 Sepideh Sedaghatnia opened her own wine bar in Antwerp, called Divin by Sepi. The roots of her passion lie in Iran where, as a child, she helped her father to make wine. Even today she remains intrigued by the complexity of wine, and continues to create unusual taste combinations and search for a lovely balance for her guests and herself. We spoke to Sepideh about her passion, craftsmanship and exactly what the balance means to her. Wine, a timeless passion
“You can only become a good wine sommelier by gaining experience and being brave enough to experiment”, in Sepideh’s opinion. “I have been doing it for so long, yet I still find the world of wine intriguing. I love to look deeper, stay up to date and take the time to absorb flavours, aromas and colours. Finding the perfect match in surprising taste combinations, such as port with stilton cheese, gives me great satisfaction.” The story is important too “A wine attracts my attention if it is made with passion and knowledge”, says Sepideh. “And actually, that applies to everything in my business, from wine styles to plates and even furniture. I keep an eye out for small producers, exclusive products and authenticity. After all, the story and the feeling that goes into it are important as well. Something that I also recognise with Recor Home. Take the Brunello sofa for example. It matches the type of wine perfectly. Both cool and elegant, with attention to detail. The velvet is very appropriate. I call it craftsmanship.” In balance “When doing a wine tasting it’s all about balance and the quality of that balance! You only get the most out of something when everything’s right.” According to Sepideh, the worlds of hospitality and wine are very complementary. “Wine brings tranquillity to a hectic life. When I get home after a day at work I only relax completely after collapsing in my comfortable chair with a glass of wine. I never manage to get to sleep immediately after a busy and successful evening shift, and a moment of reflection in my cosy nest, all nice and comfy, is exactly what I need to restore the balance.” Hermitage Collection
At home with Tim Boury
To enable his guests enjoy his dishes to the full, chef Tim Boury makes sure they feel right at home. A sense of calm is his main ingredient — both on his plates and in his interior.
As the chef and co-owner of Restaurant Boury in Roeselare, Tim Boury welcomes a large number of people to his business every day. He wants his guests to feel right at home, so they can enjoy his dishes to the full and taste every detail of his new flavour combinations. To achieve this, the sense of calm on Boury’s plates is reflected in the restaurant’s interior. We asked Tim to tell us about his passion, innovation and what feeling at home means to him. Hunger for innovation “To me, passion starts by being passionate about produce”, Tim explains. “I’m constantly thinking about flavour, freshness, texture and origin — or in other words, the quality of a product. I never just accept things as they are; instead, I’m always looking for something better, more flavoursome or new. Game from a local hunter, for example, or a new cooking technique.” By doing so, Tim seeks to strike a balance between classic and innovative ideas, right from the dishes and wines he serves to the atmosphere in his restaurant. “Just think of a new flambé dish on our menu: thanks to our open kitchen, our guests can see we’re driving innovation.” Food at its most beautiful
“By approaching your work with conviction and expertise, you can showcase your craftsmanship and strive for perfection”, Tim continues. From the cooking and the garnish to the furniture, everything combines to provide Tim’s guests with a rich experience. Every element, from flavour to presentation, makes his dishes more beautiful. “Everything has got to be just right: from the purity of our precious produce to the sense of calm on the plate to the comfort of the chairs on which my guests are seated.” Maximum enjoyment The restaurant’s interior reflects the sense of calm on the plates and ensures guests feel comfortable and relaxed. “We’ve avoided strong colours and contrasts. What we have instead are clean lines, soft hues and subtle eye-catchers that only capture your attention when you’re ready to give it. That’s why I feel a genuine connection with Recor Home’s Expo collection, with its strong focus on comfort, attention to detail and innovation. Even with an open kitchen, this collection enabled us to create a sense of calm, so that our guests can feel right at home and enjoy their experience to the full.” Expo Collection
Where Musketon finds peace of mind
For illustrator Musketon coming home is synonymous with letting go and unwinding.
Ten years ago, Bert Dries added a personal touch to his student job at a sneaker shop by giving the sneakers all kinds of fun prints. The start of his career as an illustrator because tons of shoes, posters, stickers, T-shirts, cars, walls and sketch books later everyone knows him as Musketon. Now he fills his days with personal drawing projects and creations for brands that appeal to him, like Recor Home. Curious to see what tomorrow brings? Then check Instagram or Kickstarter, where he reveals what projects he has in the pipeline. Musketon talks about his passion, his lifestyle and the feeling of coming home. Drawing, an addiction Whenever pen and paper are within reach Musketon sketches away and subsequently turns his drawings into digital art. “Drawing is second nature to me. It defines my every waking hour”, Musketon explains. “It’s an addiction I don’t want to kick. I enjoy it and it gives me peace of mind.” Where do those creations come from? “Other artists like Shepard Fairey are a source of inspiration. The use of colour, technique, working method... I also listen to movies like Pulp Fiction while I’m working and they spark ideas that I incorporate into my drawings.”
Coming home is letting go
Musketon finds it important to keep reinventing himself: “I try out new drawing techniques and projects such as drawing on walls. I’ve been lucky to be able to make a living from my passion and keep growing. At the same time though it’s also tricky because if I didn’t force myself to rest I’d just keep drawing and challenging myself.” That is why Musketon no longer works at home but in a studio. Structure is the anchor that helps him stay sharp, both mentally and physically: “I stop on time, exercise, go home and eat healthily. Coming home is letting go - something I’m not good at - and finding peace. I don’t have to work here, I can just chill in the sofa”, he says with a smile. “To me that is what coming home means.” Clean, compact and cosy Contrary to Musketon’s illustrations his home is characterised by a clean design. “I come home to a clean interior, compact but cosy. I like to keep distractions down to a minimum so no clutter. Lots of daylight, though, flowers and austere furniture with a nice design.” Here and there illustrations on the walls put his stamp on the interior. How would he describe his style? “Colourful, cheerful, with a lot of detail and references to pop culture and current affairs. Quality and ‘designed in Belgium’ are also at the top of my list.” Characteristics he shares with Recor Home. “I think it’s a very cool brand precisely because Recor Home’s Dansaert collection gives me the opportunity to subtly infuse my interior with my style. I can customise the furniture and make sure it harmonises with the rest of the space so I can unwind completely.” Dansaert Collection
Where Valerie Brems feels at home
Deriving energy from beautiful elements in her interior, that is what coming home means to fashion and lifestyle blogger Valerie Brems.
Discover the place where she feels most at home. As a freelance fashion and beauty journalist Valerie Brems has written copy for a wide variety of customers. As her passion went beyond the scope of her assignments she started her own blog some three years ago, the Mirror of Fashion. This blog reflects everything that inspires this former interior stylist, from beauty and fashion to interior decoration and lifestyle. Aesthetics and authenticity are the cornerstones of her work and life. We talked to Valerie Brems about passion, quality and what coming home means to her. In pursuit of aesthetics Valerie is second to none at combining unique materials and shapes. So what inspires her in her pursuit of beauty? Just about anything she comes across, Valerie feels: “A dish at a jumble sale, a pair of pants in a fashion magazine, a different culture... and of course interior architects such as Lionel Jadot and Joseph Dirand.
My attraction to aesthetically pleasing, authentic items comes quite naturally.” Although Valerie’s blog is a full-time endeavour, it doesn’t feel like work. “It’s more like a way of life.”
A home with character
After a full day of meetings and fashion shoots Valerie finds it important to come home to a place where she feels comfortable, safe and inspired. “To me coming home is a combination of feelings I get from a location and the people I love: my husband, my son and my parents. The layout and design of my home and the things around me also energise me.”
To Valerie personality is an essential aspect of an interior. “Nice materials and strong tailoring, that’s what I like - both in terms of my clothing style and in my interior.” She is partial to furniture with character and long-lasting materials. As the years progress I’m becoming more and more attached to items that were made with love and craftsmanship. Designs that clearly took time, work and energy to perfect and deserve to be cherished for this reason.”
A lively interior “Precisely because my interior is eclectic and maximalist I opted for a Lungo sofa from the Ardenne collection, to create a balanced whole.” Just like a pure and simple cup of coffee, the sofa forms the backbone of Valerie’s interior, which she puts together and completes to her own taste with the aid of the Recor Home collection.
My interior really does evolve with my life. Think of pillows that change with the seasons but also a matching lounge chair that breathes new life into the sitting room. These personal touches keep my interior lively.”
Ardenne Collection
Where Jef Neve feels at home
Feeling like you can totally be yourself.
That is what coming home means to musician Jef Neve.
Belgian pianist-composer Jef Neve is a star at home and abroad, both in the jazz and classical genre. He has shared the stage with big names such as Jamie Cullum, Gabriel Rios and Branford Marsalis. Though his tours have taken him to the far-flung corners of the globe he still has a soft spot for Belgian top designers. Like Jef, they value craftsmanship and quality. Jef about passion, originality and what coming home means to him. Ultimate beauty Music is Jef Neve’s language, it allows him to express emotions in the absence of words. Something quite natural that makes a life without music unimaginable. To Jef music is also a goal. “Every day I go in search of the ultimate beauty. And by this I don’t mean perfection”. Because just before Jef attains perfection, he leaves room for imperfection. “I think pure perfection is dull. I prefer a building that is just slightly off-kilter, like Brussels city hall. The gate is asymmetrical compared to the tower that soars above it. These are things that I remember and revel in”.
Craftsmanship and originality
For Jef the biggest illusion is that inspiration or originality suddenly springs up or comes naturally. “To create, I must first study the world of music and then come up with a new, personal interpretation”. A beautiful combination of craftsmanship and originality. The challenge Neve sets for himself is to never play the same thing twice. He plays an improvisation and tweaks his own version. “I add a new personal touch with every performance. That is why, in my mind, a creation is never finished but mouldable”. He compares it to a designer who designs his collections by defining ideas while leaving room for something new within the framework he has set for himself. Coming home is... In order to give it his best it is essential for the composer to come home to a creative work environment. He claims he could never create beauty in an ugly environment. “To be at home somewhere, you need to feel that you can simply be yourself, that you can celebrate life”, Jef explains. “That is why a work environment doesn’t have to be too perfect but slightly disorganised and in keeping with my own style, which sometimes offers unusual combinations”. Our collection enables Jef Neve to combine and refine the design until he has made it his own and recognises himself. The Monte Carlo salon from the Zoute collection does just that. Zoute Collection